BadCube OTS-01 Huff v2

I have to be honest, I ordered BadCube’s OTS-01 Huff (aka Masterpiece Huffer) just to see if it was any good. I fully expected to like it less than their Brawny, since that was a newer design. But, in hand, I love Huff! The transformation is simpler but just as effective!

The Box

Huff box

The box is primarily two colors based on the toy inside.

Huff box contents

After writing “Like every other Masterpiece, Brawny includes a special accessory to recreate that one moment from the cartoon” in my Brawny review I have to take those words back since this Masterpiece does not have one. BadCube, if you’re reading this: next reissue, you need to include a tiny version of Lorry that fits into the cab so that we can recreate the single most brain-bending scale issue of the entire series.

The Figure

Huff robot mode

One obvious flaw with this figure is that the paint on the die-cast parts is several shades darker than the orange plastic used on the rest of the figure.

Huff side view

So, that’s where the truck goes.

Huff fully armed

The Truck

Huff vehicle mode

Much longer than the original but still clearly Huffer.

Huff weapon storage

Huff’s small pistol stores between his knees in vehicle mode, presumably to “leave room for the Holy Spirit“.

The Masterpiece

Huff Masterpiece robot mode

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

Bumblebee is finally getting some backup.

Huff Masterpiece vehicle mode

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

The Conclusion

Huff & Brawny ready for trouble

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

This is my second BadCube figure and #3 is already on the way.

UPDATE: 360 Degree Turnaround

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