Power of the Primes Blackwing

The second half of Dreadwing has arrived at Junkion HQ! Now Dreadwind won’t be lonely anymore.

Blackwing on card

The Card

Blackwing card front

My version of Blackwing came with a card for Megatronus Blackwing.

Megatronus Blackwing: Accelerates the extinction cycle of entire planets.

The Robot

The robot mode is very close to the original and is very clearly “Darkwing” despite the copyright-inspired renaming.

Blackwing robot mode

As with Dreadwind, the armor mode is a bit awkward.

Blackwing with armor

The Jet

Blackwing is a remold of Combiner Wars Air Raid, which is a close match to the original.

Blackwing jet mode

The Powermaster

Like with Dreadwind, the combiner hand can be used to replicate the G1 Powermaster feature.

Blackwing powermaster

Prime Master Integration

While I still don’t like the chest armor, it does look a little better with a Prime Master in place of the included plug.

Blackwing with Prime Master


Like the originals, the PotP versions can combine into a super jet mode. It’s not terribly stable since the two are held together by a single post. One interesting thing to note is that the instructions label this combination as Duocon Dreadwing.


The Combiner Limb

Like the other Deluxes in this line, Blackwing can also become a combiner limb.

Blackwing combined

The instructions say he goes with Hun-Gurrr but I’m not buying that. I just wish we had two more jets in the line to complete a Super-Seeker gestalt.

Blackwing arm mode

Power Masters United

Blackwing with Dreadwind

One nice feature of the cover plates that these two come with is that they match closely with Titans Return Overlord and make passable stand-ins for the missing Giga and Mega.

Overlord with cover plates

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