Power of the Primes Hun-Gurrr

The Terrorcon Leader has arrived at Junkion HQ!

The Card

Hun-Gurrr card front

My version of Hun-Gurrr came with a card for Prima Hun-Gurrr.

Hun-Gurrr card back

The Robot

Hun-Gurrr robot mode

I have to say that I don’t like the pseudo-rubsign on his left shoulder which gives the figure a lop-sided look as if they mistakenly put on the wrong sticker. I would have preferred if they just went one way or the other: either a real rubsign or matching symbol.

Hun-Gurrr arm blasters

The combiner feet actually make passable arm blasters.

The Beast

The dragon is probably the weakest mode due to the extremely small front legs and large purple belly. Still, it’s hard not to love a two headed dragon!

Hun-Gurrr beast mode

The Combiner Torso

Hun-Gurrr is also the core of Abominus, the only original G1 combiner to continue the Combiner Wars Voyager/Deluxe theme in this line. Sadly, I’ll have to wait for the third wave of deluxes to complete this picture.

Hun-Gurrr torso mode

The Enigma of Combination is nicely position in the combiner’s chest.

Hun-Gurrr Enigma of Combination

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