Today’s post is a retro-review: Impossible Toys MC-07 Tapper.

Tapper box

The History

Back in mid-2013, Impossible Toys announced a series of updated mini-bots. These were an updated “remold” of the original G1 Machine Man Penny-Racer inspired robot. The transformation scheme was retained but with some tweaks allowed by modern manufacturing techniques.

Tapper is a version of Tap-Out (who was a repaint of the Fun4All Cliffjumper key-chain release that was originally available at BotCon 2002) and retains the look and feel of a G1 mini-bot.

The Penny-Racer

Tapper vehicle mode

(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Unlike most modern versions of the mini-bots these retained the super deformed look in vehicle mode.

The Robot

Tapper robot mode

(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Again, the robot mode very reminiscent of the G1 mini-bots.

The Variations

Originally there were three molds with three versions each. Three additional heads were created to add some some more variety.

  1. MC-01 Bumble-Bug
    Their version of Bumblebee with a face based on the cartoon and The Transformers Collection Minibot Team Set re-release.
    Bumble-Bug robot mode(Decals sold separately)Bumble-Bug vehicle mode(Decals sold separately)
  2. MC-02 Hill Jumper
    Their version of Cliffjumper.
    Hill Jumper robot mode(Decals sold separately)Hill Jumper vehicle mode(Decals sold separately)
  3. MC-03 Bump
    Their version of Bumper (aka Bumblejumper).
    MC-03 Bump
  4. MC-04 Hub
    Their version of Hubcap which reused the MC-02 mold with a new head.
  5. MC-05 Gold-Bee
    Their version of Goldbug which reused the MC-01 mold in gold and dark purple with a new head based on the G1 Bumblebee toy.
  6. MC-06 Glypher
    Their version of Glyph (also originally available at BotCon 2002) which was a blue repaint of MC-05.
    Glypher in box
  7. MC-07 Tapper
    As mentioned above, their version of Tap-Out which reused the MC-02 mold in aqua.
  8. MC-08 Bee Bite
    Their version of Bug Bite (based on a Go-Bot who first became a Transformer when Takara re-released the Minibot Team Set repainted as Go-Bots characters) which reused the MC-01 mold in white and light purple.
  9. MC-09 Wasper
    Their version of Wasp, from Transformers Animated, which reused the MC-03 mold in green with a black stripe and a new head.

As a final gift to their fans, Impossible Toys released individually numbered black and red repaints of their first three figures:

  1. Night-Bee
  2. Night-Jumper
  3. Night-Bump

The Comparison

I didn’t have my Tap-Out handy so I’ve used the Bumblebee key-chain for these comparisons.

Tapper vehicle mode with Bumblebee

As you can see, aside from the size, there isn’t much difference between the two in vehicle mode.

Tapper with Bumblebee

Here you can see some of the upgrades added to this mold. The shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball-jointed. There is also a hip swivel.

Tapper side view with Bumblebee

From the side you can see another of the upgrades – the head-flap slides forward so that the face is more centered on the shoulders.

Tapper dynamic pose with Bumblebee

And a dynamic pose-off between the generations.

Tapper sore winner with Bumblebee

Sadly, Tapper is a sore winner.

Still in Stores

I actually purchased this figure just recently and plan to put it on my desk at work. If you’re interested in picking one up, they’re still available from Big Bad Toy Store at clearance prices: ALL SOLD OUT

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