Power of the Primes Duocons

Power of the Primes, like Titans Return before it, has given us some unexpected releases in the form of Pretenders and now – the Duocons.

Duocons robot mode
Duocons vehicle mode

Roadtrap – The Card

Roadtrap card front

My version of Roadtrap came with a card for the Quintus Prime combination.

Roadtrap card back

Roadtrap – The Truck

Roadtrap vehicle mode

The front half of the truck is convincing, the rest – considerably less so being made up entirely of Roadtrap’s chest.

Roadtrap – The Robot

Roadtrap robot mode

Although the robot mode looks more convincing than the truck mode it has a few issues. The upper arms are not capable of moving backwards since they hit up against the hinge that they’re attached to. Also, the chest does not lock together as solidly as I would like and is prone to splitting.

Battleslash – The Card

Battleslash card front

My version of Battleslash came with a card for the Liege Maximo combination.

Battleslash card back

Battleslash – The Helicopter

Battleslash vehicle mode

Unfortunately, Battleslash’s helicopter mode is a bit awkward with a tiny rotor and a big gap in the nose where the two figures connect.

Battleslash – The Robot

Battleslash robot mode

Fortunately, the robot mode is much better, although it has a similar problem to Roadtrap where the shoulder joints cannot move backwards.



This is where these two Legends shine. The one flaw is the unfortunately placed rotor in the combined mode which hangs down behind the robot.

Battletrap rear view

The Conclusion

Although the individual robots were not entirely successful, I’m glad that the designers put in the extra effort to create them. A big improvement on the original G1 figure with a very solid combined mode.

360 Degree Turnaround Videos


In this video, you can see Roadtrap’s dirty little secret – his very hollow back.



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