Wildhunter, the final member of TFC Toys’ Trinity Force not-Road Caesar, has arrived at Junkion HQ.

Trinity Force Robot Mode

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

The Box

Wildhunter Box

Like both previous releases, Wildhunter comes in the same fantastic retro box inspired by the original Road Caesar packaging.

Wildhunter Box Contents

The fully pose-able hands can celebrate victory and wish you long life and prosperity. (Autobot symbol sold separately)

Wildhunter comes with all of the combiner parts required to assemble the team, including the hands and feet.

The Brain

Wildhunter Brainmaster

Just like the previous releases, the Brainmaster is still absurdly small. And, just like the previous releases, I immediately installed the spare head.

The Robot

Wildhunter Robot Mode

(Autobot symbol sold separately)

It’s quite a relief to get a release in this team with no twisty pipes! Although the backpack can be tricky to get into place, there is nothing in this release that generates anywhere near the frustration level generated by the legs of the previous team members.

On that note, one thing this review reminded me of is how much I dislike the heels on Red Knight which, on mine at least, pop off whenever they’re touched or come in contact with any other surface.  Kind of an annoying feature for a foot.

The Dune Buggy

Wildhunter Dune Buggy

(Autobot symbol sold separately)

Huge! That was my first impression when taking at this beast out of the box.

Trinity Force Alt Mode

Yes, this is a totally normal size for a dune buggy. (Autobot symbols sold separately)

The Combiner

Finally we can put together the Trinity Force combiner!

Trinity Force with Sword

A properly located chest logo for Wildhunter ends up in an unfortunate position on the combiner. (Autobot symbols sold separately)

Although I’m not thrilled that they had to include separate parts-forming ankle pieces, I have to admit that they work well. However, the hip joints are the weak point of the combiner and are not strong enough for the robot to stand on one foot.

Trinity Force

(Autobot symbols sold separately)

One issue that you’re going to run into with putting the combiner together is the clarity of the printed instructions. Someone at TFC must have realized that since there are QR codes that you can scan with your phone that will bring up videos of the process; Part 1 covers robot mode and Part 2 covers the combiner mode. Unfortunately, the video assumes that you’ve already transformed the other two members so you’ll still need the printed instructions for those.

The most difficult step is the connection between the leg bots which involves folding down an extremely stiff connector (as seen below). The video instructions show this piece already folded out which is reassuring since it really does not feel like it should move.

Raging Bull Leg Mode

Another thing to be aware of, there are two panels that snap into place on the bottom of the feet that appear to help lock the weapons from Raging Bull and Red Knight in place on the sides. I found that if I tried to remove the weapons with them in place they had a tendency to pop off dramatically and fly across the room.

Trinity Force Feet

The Free Gift

Display Stand

The first production run includes a stack-able rotating display with LED lighting. Unfortunately, it is a bit too small to use with the team combiner but should work well for smaller figures.

Display Stand with Posts

Here it is with the support posts in place. They’re extremely wobbly which makes me wonder how stable this would be with another stand on top.

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