Power of the Primes Slash

Power of the Primes introduces us to the sixth Dinobot (no, not Paddles, he’s non-cannon!), Slash.

Slash in package

The Card

Slash card front

My version of Slash came with a card for her Vector Prime combination.

Slash card back

The Robot

The robot mode is clearly in the Dinobot family with big Grimlock-style shoulders and the red chest that all of the other wave 1 Dinobots should have.

Slash robot mode

One thing that is obvious when you put Slash with any of the other wave one Legends is that she’s tiny – with legs and a torso only half the size of her wave-mates.

Power of the Primes Legends wave 1

The Dinosaur

The Dino mode is a surprisingly fun little velociraptor!

Slash dino mode

Prime Master Integration

The same spot that hides the dino head in robot mode doubles as a Prime Master cockpit.

Vector Slash

Vector Slash – finally a combination that matches one of my cards!


Slash joins Swoop and Slug in my PotP Dinobot collection.

Slash with Dinobots robot mode

Clearly the “little sister” of the group. I imagine she follows them on missions even when she’s told to stay home.

Here they are together in dino mode.

Slash with Dinobots

Half way there…

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