Power of the Primes Swoop

Finally, my favorite Dinobot has been updated and is here at Junkion HQ!

Swoop on card

The Card

Like previous lines, deluxes and above come with trading cards.

Swoop card front

Unlike other lines, there are twelve different cards for each figure, one representing that character’s power when combined with each of the Prime Masters. My version of Swoop came with a card for Nexus Prime.

Swoop card back

The Robot

My only complaint is that I would have preferred the red-chested Swoop as shown on the card based on my established preference for toy-inspired decos for toys based on toys I owned as a youth.

Swoop robot mode

Bonus shot – Predacon wing mode, just what I was hoping for.

Swoop robot mode wings

Armor mode – aka Swoop with a black box on his chest.

Swoop robot armor

The Dinosaur

Swoop in Pteranodon mode.

Swoop dino mode

Here he is perched upright.

Swoop dino mode wings

And with the BFH mounted, which much make flying so much easier.

Swoop dino mode with armor

Prime Master Integration

Here is Vector Swoop, enhanced with the power to vectorize the enemy, or something, my card doesn’t say.

Swoop robot mode armor

Prime Master Vector Prime in weapon mode which comes in handy since Swoop only comes with a sword.

Swoop robot mode Prime Master

With Slug

Swoop joins Slug in my growing PotP Dinobot collection.

Swoop robot mode with Slug

Here they are together in dino mode.

Swoop dino mode with Slug

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