Power of the Primes Dreadwind

Representatives of wave one of the Power of the Prime deluxes has arrived at Junkion HQ.

Dreadwind on card

The Card

Like previous lines, deluxes and above come with trading cards.

Dreadwind card

Unlike other lines, there are twelve different cards for each figure, one representing that character’s power when combined with each of the Prime Masters. My version of Dreadwind came with a card for Onyx Prime.

Dreadwind card back

The Robot

Since this is really a retool of Combiner Wars Skydive, the transformation does not feature the jet nose on the robot’s chest like the G1 version did. Besides that, this is a pretty nice looking interpretation.

Dreadwind robot mode

I can’t say that I really like how the chest armor looks on the deluxes in this line.

Dreadwind robot armor

There are two ways to mount the chest armor, locking it on with the tabs on the thumbs or using the port hidden under a door in Dreadwind’s chest.

Dreadwind robot chest port

The Jet

The jet mode is a bit more stubby than the original, but still a nice looking jet.

Dreadwind jet mode

The Hand

Each deluxe comes with a combiner hand that also doubles as chest armor.

Dreadwind BFH

Unlike Combiner Wars, the combiner hands do not really work as weapons.

Dreadwind BFH

The Powermaster

One great thing about the hand is that it can be used to replicate the G1 Powermaster feature.

Dreadwind powermaster

Prime Master Integration

While I still don’t like the chest armor, it does look a little better with a Prime Master in place of the included plug.

Dreadwind robot powered up

Dreadwind also matches well with Liege Maximo in weapon mode.

Dreadwind with Prime Master

Overlord Powermaster

As recommended by Zircor on the TFW2005 forums, the filler plugs fit into Overlord’s chest perfectly.

Overlord with Prime Master plug

Since it fits flush you can close the chest doors completely with the plug in place.

Overlord with Prime Master plug - close

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