Prime Masters

Wave one of the Power of the Primes Prime Masters has arrived at Junkion HQ!

Prime Masters wave 1

Unlike Titan Masters, the backpack for these figures is an abstract symbol that represents each Prime.

Prime Masters transformed

I love the fact that the Prime Master’s face fills the Decoy armor helmet like a Brainmaster.

Prime Master faces

Liege Maximo

Liege Maximo

Liege Maximo comes with Skullgrin as his Decoy armor.

Liege Maximo decoy mode

The Skullgrin Decoy armor transforms into a claw arm weapon.

Liege Maximo weapon mode



Micronus Comes with Cloudburst as his Decoy armor.

Micronus decoy mode

The Cloudburst Decoy armor transforms into a double barrel cannon.

Micronus weapon mode

Vector Prime

Vector Prime

Vector Prime comes with Metalhawk as his Decoy armor.

Vector Prime decoy mode

The Metalhawk Decoy armor transforms into a single barrel cannon.

Vector Prime weapon mode

Metalhawk – the Reunion

Metalhawk reunited

When reunited with the Professor Go Titan Master from the Siege on Cybertron box set we now have a, nearly, complete Metalhawk (granted the inner bot now transforms into a head instead of a jet, but still).

Metalhawk confused

I feel funny

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