Red Knight, the second member of TFC Toys’ Trinity Force not-Road Caesar has arrived at Junkion HQ.

Red Knight with Raging Bull

The Box

Red Knight box

Like Raging Bull, Red Knight comes in the same fantastic retro box inspired by the Road Caesar packaging.

Red Knight box contents

The box contents are much the same, except that the clear plastic parts in both the spare set of headlights and the vehicle mode tail lights come pre-installed instead of as separate pieces like with Raging Bull.

The Brain

Red Knight Brainmaster

No changes here, the Brainmaster is still absurdly small, I didn’t even try to install it and immediately installed the spare head.

The Bot

Red Knight bot mode

Since they share the same engineering, there are still parts mounted on poles that need to be awkwardly twisted and spun during transformation. However, there does seem to be some fine tuning done since the previous release. The sides of the hood now lock into place on the robot back so they don’t shift around like the ones on Raging Bull. Also, the toes have a new transformation that is far more intuitive than Raging Bull’s which have to be very precisely moved into place during transformation.

The Car

Red Knight car mode

Like Raging Bull, the car mode is pure Masterpiece with the single exception of the fact that Red Knight is #23 for some reason where Braver was #3. One word of warning; the side mirrors do not appear to lock into place and will probably require a spot of glue if you don’t want to loose them.

Red Knight with Raging Bull car mode

The Combiner

I am looking forward to the release of Wildhunter, the final member of this team, so that I can try out the full combined mode. Since, the foot components come with Wildhunter, I can’t even really try out the leg mode on these quite yet. For now, we’ll have to just live with the combined sword (BFS?).

Red Knight BFS

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