With Red Knight on it’s way to the HQ I thought it was a good time to take a look at Raging Bull, the first member of TFC Toys’ Trinity Force not-Road Caesar.

Raging Bull with Masterpieces

The non-US G1 releases have always had a special draw for me. They have that G1 feel but also the mystery of never having been available in the toy stores of my youth.

The Box

Raging Bull box

Raging Bull comes in a fantastic retro box based on the packaging design of the original Road Caesar set.

Raging Bull box contents

The package includes the Brainmaster, half a sword, two large pistols that can be combined into a BFG, an attachment piece for the combiner, an extra set of headlights, removable windshield wiper and a spare head.

The Brain

Raging Bull Brainmaster

Although I applaud TFC for including the original Brainmaster gimmick, the execution is somewhat lacking. As you can see from the photo above, the Brainmaster is absurdly small. When installed the gimmick prevents the head from moving, much like the G1 version. I also found that it had to be very carefully aligned in the lift inside the chest or it would get stuck. The spare head does not rely on the Brainmaster and is fully articulated.

The Bot

Raging Bull bot mode

My biggest issue with this mold is the abundance of parts mounted on poles that make for an extremely fiddly transformation. They have to be twisted and spun into exactly the correct position or it doesn’t work. You get used to it after a few transformations but it just feels awkward. These posts connect the sides of the front end as well as part of his lower legs and feet.

The Car

Raging Bull car

The Lamborghini mode certainly holds its own along with the official Masterpiece line. The second set of open headlights can be inserted into the hood so, I presume, that the alt mode can be used at night. I have no plans on using these but they may come in handy for someone who wants to display this primarily in vehicle mode.

Raging Bull with Masterpiece cars

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