Power of the Primes @ SDCC

Hasbro has been revealing new Power of the Primes figures at SDCC today including some exciting figures like Leader Rodimus Prime, Jazz, Pretender Skullgrin, Beachcomber, and combining Dreadwind & Darkwing.

Pretender Skullgrin from Power of the Primes

Gotta love a true Pretender Skullgrin!

Check out the photos at Seibertron.com & on Aki Aki’s blog!

Announcements include:

  • Voyager-class Starscream who appears to have been eating spinach since his last release with some huge forearms which apparently contain Combiner War ports
  • Leader-class Evolution Rodimus Prime who has a deluxe Hot Rod component that evolves to become the full Leader figure and includes a Titan Masters port compatible Matrix of Leadership
  • Jazz who screams for a Wheeljack remold
  • Dreadwind & Black(aka Dark)wing who have Combiner War connectors so they can become limbs for existing gestalts, according to reports they do combine into Dreadwing
  • Beachcomber who looks great and has an extremely natural Titan Master cockpit
  • Prime Master Liege Maximo (shown above) who is a Pretender Titan Master Skullgrin!
  • According to Seibertron.com Prime Masters will replace “Titan Masters” and, except for driving Legends-class figures, will have a totally new integration with the rest of the line including chest-pieces (Deluxe) and arm-candy (Voyagers).

Power of the Primes is off to a great start!

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