Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray

Another long awaited release has arrived here at Junkion HQ – Titans Return Seaspray.

Titans Return Seaspray on card

Seaspray was one of the TFs I had as a child and I’ve been waiting for an update that matched the original. Unfortunately, the earlier Ultra class figure was too big to truly capture the feeling of the G1 mini-bot.

The Robot

Titans Return Seaspray package content

As you’ve probably heard, Seaspray’s weapon is an unique design that has evoked many, many, pizza box jokes. I give them credit for integrating it with the vehicle mode (something I always appreciate) but it needs a little extra something to really work as a weapon. Either a fold-out muzzle or way to wield it as a shield would have been a vast improvement.

Since it doesn’t really work as a weapon for me, my preference is to keep the pizza box connected to the robot chest for a more G1-esque look.

The Transformation

To transform Seaspray start by folding up the robot back so that the shoulders are flush with the robot chest. Rotate the arms up and lock the wrist pegs into the holes at the back of the chest piece. If you have the “pizza gun” on the robot chest, remove it so that you can fold up the flap that covers the face. Flip out the robot heels to form the sides of the hovercraft. Snap the feet together then flip them around so that they are upside down. Fold the knees backwards then rotate the hips and waist in until you can lock the sides of the hovercraft into the side of the robot chest. Replace the “pizza gun” on the top of the hovercraft and Seaspray is complete. Overall I’m satisfied with how everything locks together in hovercraft mode but I do wish the fists locked in just a little more solidly.

The Comparisons

Titans Return & G1 Seaspray

The biggest difference between G1 Seaspray and TR Seaspray, aside from the modern articulation, is the location of the Autobot symbol which has moved from the top of the foot to the chest. The G1 chest decals have been replicated almost exactly on the TR version.

In hovercraft mode you can clearly see how much more angular the TR version is when compared to the original. It’s most noticeable in the flattened front and the squared off fan mounts at the back. This is also where the Legends class sizing really shines, Seaspray fits easily in the hand just like his G1 predecessor.

The Case-mate

TR Legends class series 1 consists of Seaspray and the re-release of Cosmos. I’m using the Combiner Wars version of his case-mate in the above photo. The TR version is a darker green with a slightly lighter blue on the windows and an Autobot symbol that’s about half the size of the CW version.

The Conclusion

I highly recommend TR Seaspray, it’s a fun figure that’s nice and solid in both modes. If the “pizza gun” bothers you you can leave it in the bubble and never miss it.

While writing this post I received notification that Fans Toys FT-27 Spindrift is on it’s way so we’ll have another Seaspray-centric post in about a week.

Mini-bots travel in packs

Mini-bots travel in packs

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