Yesterday’s post was inspired by the arrival of Topspin and I didn’t take the time to dig out the original G1 figures for a full comparison. Part Two corrects that omission:

Clone Generations

Both Clones are roughly the same height and are clearly the same design.

Fastclash and Fastlane - robot mode

That shared design extends to the vehicle mode where the two have pretty much the same transformation.

Fastclash and Fastlane - vehicle mode

Sadly, Fastlane is missing his spoiler, he probably left it “somewhere safe.”

Jumpstarter Generations

It is clear that these are both the same bot. But it is equally clear that the Titans Return version is a much more advanced and modern design that greatly benefits from the removal of the Jumpstarter gimmick. For my money exchanging the G1 gimmick with the Titan Master is more than a fair trade.

Topspin robot modes

-Hey buddy, don’t loose your head!
-Quiet tiny!

One of the trademarks of the G1 Jumpstarters was their transformation: step one – fold in half, step two – there is no step two.

Topspin vehicle modes

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